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Our Vision

To be one of the institutes of excellence in teacher education based on new innovative techniques.

The vision, is bright future of the young students and the mission is to provide quality education to the student to improve their best teaching with the students for future building and as such the College Management is committed to the educational values in particular and human values in general.

Teaching is a pious activity & has been enjoying a place of high prestige in Indian Culture since the dawn of human civilization. India is regarded as Land of Teachers since, acquisition & dissemination of knowledge has been an integral part of our culture for centuries. It has been universally recognized that teaching undoubtedly performs a crucial social function.Education is an important social phenomenon both in developed and developing societies and Teaching is an inseparable component of the process of Education


Our commitment is to generate, preserve and transmit goal-oriented knowledge with dedications.

The mission of the Society, including the Institutions Aims and objectives in terms of addressing the needs of the society.The college addressed for the need of the society for good teacher all the educational need of the future teachers are addressed by the institution.

  • Established professional and technical institutions for upliftment of the Muslim Minority in particular in other communities in general.
  • To start professional courses like B.Ed. To eradicate poverty and un-employment.
  • To provide educational facilities without charging donation and heavy feeses.
  • To develop true spirit of democracy and prepare responsible citizens of India.

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